Viewfinders is a panel of people who are interested in photography. Members of Viewfinders, have the opportunity to participate in future studies and activities. The Viewfinders will have a hand in helping SmugMug and Flickr shape new product features and have the chance to earn rewards money in the process.

The process is super easy (and rewarding). You’ll receive email invitations for surveys or other research activities approximately once or twice per month.

For each survey or activity you complete, you’ll earn a specific number of points, depending on  the estimated time commitment of each activity. For example you could earn 20 points for a 10-minute survey or if you’re selected for a 30-minute in-person interview you might earn 400 points.  

Once you’ve accrued enough points you can redeem them for gift cards from a list of major retailers or if you’re in the giving spirit, donate the dollar value in points you’ve accrued to one or more of the listed charities. Every 10 points you earn is worth $1 in gift card value.

It’s so easy, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your chair.